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الموسيقى هي خلق عز وجل Music is a creation of an Almighty

Music is the creation of Almighty

Symphony of the prophets

voice of Dawood (Al-ey-Salaam)

David(peace be upon him)

resides deep down to your heart

Dances upon your breast

Answer to your soul

reflection to your mind

Door between wisdom and love

the bridge between soul and body

Yawn at Dawn”

The Prophet’s Epistle

(A leaf of wisdom)Saqib Abraham

“The Virgin Mother”The Prophecy of Isa (Alay-salaam)

“The virgin Mother is a poem taken from my first book The prophets Epistle a leaf of wisdom

It talks about the claim of returning Jesus (pbuh) on this Earth

When he was a child how he  spoke in the cradle and how did he claim about the true messiah and replace the false messiah and claim  the debt of Noahs Ark

And prevents the war on Earth before the rising sun”
“The Virgin Mother

Sleeps the virgin mother 

Beyond rhe old voyage 

Crawls an unborn child 

Claims the debt of broken ark 

Prevents the war at saturn 

Relief from the shadows of patriarch 
Worship a virgin mother 

Beyond the door of celestial skin 

Conqueran unborn child 

Claims the debt of mighty throne 

Triumph before the rising sun 

Whispers the funeral 

Beneath the broken leaf “